Resin Massage Roller Ball

Resin Massage Roller Ball

  • Material: Resin Ball + PP base + (Silicone Band)
  • Size: Dia 66 * H 60 mm / Dia 43.5 * H 36 mm
  • Weight: 140g / 35g
  • Color: Both ball and base can be customized
  • Usage: For massage
  • MOQ: 100 pcs
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Details About Resin Massage Roller Ball

  • A Funny Story

The following scene happed more than 20 times when we at the trade shows.
– Customer: (pointed to the massage ball) What’s that?
– Me: Massage Roller Ball.
– Customer: For what?
– Me: Massage.
– Customer: How to use it?
– Me: (I pick up one and roll it on my wrist. )
– Customer: Ah ah.
– Both: Hahaha.

  • Introduction

A customer said we could use an ask and answer section when talking about the product details. It’s an excellent idea. So read the following. Please send us an email when you have any other questions. After we reply to your email, we’ll add your question here as soon as possible.

Massage Roller ball is for massage, of course. It can help you release the pain.

They are easy to use. You just need to hold the base with your hand and roll the ball on your skin.

No, it’s just a handheld product. You can use it with your hand.

Yes, All of our massage roller balls are portable products. You can put it anywhere, and it will not mess up your other things.

Yes, they are. The base is designed to roll the ball 360 Multi-directional.

Yes, you can drop massage oil on the ball. The oil will not do anything bad with the product.

Yes, it is. You can do self-massage with our roller ball any time.

Yes, you can. You can put the ball into the freezer for a while and do the massage with it. We have another cold massage roller ball that will do better work if you need the ball cold.

  • Size and Design

There are two major sizes: big and small. MB002-B and MB006-B have a silicone band that can help you hold the base better.

MB001 massage roller ball

Dia 66 * H 61.5 mm


Dia 66 * H 61.5 mm


Dia 66 * H 61.5 mm


Dia 66 * H 56 mm


Dia 61 * H 55 mm


Dia 56 * H 57 mm


Dia 43.5 * H 36 mm


Dia 43.5 * H 36 mm

  • Color

As we said before, we can make the resin ball and the base in many different colors, but a picture talks louder. From the picture, you can see the ball in many different colors.

Different color resin massage roller balls

  • Packing

The ball is solid, and the product is just substantial. So we put each unit into a PE bag + box and a suitable amount into a master carton. And this way of packing can pass the drop test.

Massage Roller ball box-open
Massage Roller ball box

  • Free Samples

The resin massage roller ball is our regular product, so we can send you some free samples if you need to check our quality. You only need to bear the shipping cost. It’s only a tiny parcel and will not cost too much.

  • Test

The massage roller ball can pass most tests, such as CE, RoHS, CA Prop 65. For some tests, even we didn’t do it, but the product can pass it.

  • Reference

As a factory since 2002, we can have some cases for your reference and hope they can do some help.
(1) Clients give the product many different names, like manual massage ball, marble massage ball, handheld roller, master of roller. The words are different, but they are the same product.
(2) There are some different base designs, but No. MB002 is the most hot-selling one.
(3) Some customers buy a set of two, one big and one small.