Dragon Balls

Finding a Dragon Balls Manufacturer?

We are a dragon balls manufacturer in China. Our factory started in 2oo2 and has been audited by ISO 9001 and BSCI.

Product Details:

  • 3D or 2D Stars inside
  • Non-toxic Resin Ball
  • 4 Popular Sizes: Dia 35, 42, 57, 76mm
  • Super Smooth Surface

Our Advantages:

  • Low MOQ: 100 sets
  • High daily output: 3000 sets
  • Free samples to check the quality
  • Prompt reply within 1 hour daytime

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Dragon Balls

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    Details About Dragon Balls

    You are searching for dragon balls. You must know the famous Japanese cartoon – Dragon Ball. The dragon balls we produce are the exact magic dragon balls in this cartoon that can summon Shenron. We should be the first factory to make these dragon balls even though some other factories can do it now. There is one most important thing: we need your official license to authorize us to produce these dragon balls.

    • More Pictures

    Dragon Balls Sets
    Dragon Balls in gift box
    1 Srar Dragon Ball
    2 Star Dragon Ball
    3 Star Dragon Ball
    4 Star Dragon Ball
    5 Star Dragon Ball
    6 Star Dragon Ball
    7 Star Dragon Ball

    • 3D or 2D stars

    There are two different stars. One is 3D, the other one is 2D. They show different versions. 3D stars is plastic stars while 2D stars are print. I think they are both OK.

    • 4 Popular Sizes

    There are 4 popular sizes: Dia35, 42, 57, 76mm. The 42mm ball is the most popular as the first edition is this size.

    • Super Smooth Surface

    The surface of the balls is super smooth as we polish it well. You can’t feel any point on the surface. There are more than four steps to rounding and polishing the balls. We use both machines and hand polish to do the work. And in this way, the smooth surface can show the stars inside well.

    • No Bubble

    There is no bubble inside the resin ball. They are all hand controlled. It’s not easy to make it. That’s why skilled workers are so important.

    • Custom Packing

    The dragon balls are gifts for collection. So they need a gift box. We can provide you box outline for you to design. And we will not show your design to any other one. Like on the web, we don’t show the box designs.

    • Need Your Official License to Authorize

    Once again, we need to say this. We are just a factory to make dragon balls. So we need your license to authorize us to produce them.

    • General Information

    For some general information like the samples, shipping, test, and payment terms, please check the FAQ page. There are great answers.