Project Description

Dandelion Paperweight Feature Image

Dandelion Paperweight

Dandelion Paperweight is our best-selling flower paperweight.

  • Material: Real Dandelion + Resin Ball
  • Size: Dia 80 mm / Dia 70 mm / Dia 65 mm
  • Weight: 340g / 230g / 180g
  • Color: Flower Nature Color
  • Usage: For decoration
  • MOQ: 50 pcs
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Details About Dandelion Paperweight

  • Introduction

We put natural dandelion into a clear resin ball to make the dandelion paperweight. The dandelion is an excellent decoration for your home and your study. We polish the ball well, so the surface is very smooth. There is no bubble inside the ball, and there is no line as well. We have another little star flower paperweight that the ball is without line too.

  • Size and Design

The dandelion paperweight has three main sizes: Dia 65 mm, Dia 70 mm, Dia 80 mm. That is because these three sizes of balls can fit the size of the dandelion well. And we need to say sorry because the pictures can’t show how wonderful the dandelion ball is.

Real dandelion paperweight top view
Dandelion Paperweight bottom view
Front View of dandelion ball

  • Color

The resin ball is transparent, and the dandelion is in natural color. If you don’t put the ball into the sunlight, it will not turn yellow for a few years. I have one dandelion paperweight on my desk, we made it in early 2019, and it’s still very transparent.

  • Free Stand

We cut off a piece of the ball and polish the surface well so it can stand freely. A paperweight should stand freely.

Dandelion paperweight with section part
Box with a window

  • Packing

The resin flower ball is beautiful, so some clients want their customers to see them at first sight. Then they want a box with a window to show the product.

  • Free Samples

The dandelion paperweight is our regular product, so we can send you some free samples if you need to check our quality. You only need to bear the shipping cost. It’s only a tiny parcel and will not cost too much. If you need customized flowers, we might need a nominal sample cost.

  • Test

The dandelion paperweight can pass most tests, such as CE, RoHS, CA Prop 65. For some tests, even we didn’t do it, but the product can pass it.

  • Reference

As a factory since 2002, we can have some cases for your reference and hope they can do some help.

(1) Most customers like Dia 70mm and Dia 80mm balls, and I don’t know why.