6 Speed Manual Gear Knob

6 Speed Manual Gear Knob

The 6 speed manual gear knob is for manual gear cars. And we carve the words fuckin fast instead of 6-gear.

  • Material: Resin Ball + Copper nut
  • Size: Dia 54 * H 52.5 mm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Color: Solid Color
  • Usage: For Gear Shifting
  • MOQ: 100 pcs
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Details About 6 Speed Manual Gear Knob

  • More Pictures

6 Speed Manual Gear Knob in Blue Color
6 Speed Manual Gear Knob in Red Color
6 Speed Manual Shift Knob in black color
6-speed Manual Gear Shift Knob
White 6 Speed Manual Gear Knob
Blue Manual Gear Knob with copper nut

  • Color

For the manual gear knob, there are laser carving logos on the ball, so solid color is a good choice. After carving the logo, we can color the carving logo.

  • Adapters

Different countries have different Thread standards. We provide three adapters so that you can assemble the shift knob to your car. There are three dimensions: M8 × 1.5, M 10 × 1.25, M 10 × 1.5.

Gear Shift Knob Adapters

  • Packing

The 6 speed manual gear knob is solid. So we put each unit into a PE bag + box and a suitable amount into a master carton. And this way of packing can pass the drop test.

  • Free Samples

The 6 speed manual gear knob is our regular product, so we can send you some free samples if you need to check our quality. You only need to bear the shipping cost. It’s only a tiny parcel and will not cost too much.

  • Test

The manual gear knob can pass most tests, such as CE, RoHS, CA Prop 65. For some tests, even we didn’t do it, but the product can pass it.

  • Reference

As a factory since 2002, we can have some cases for your reference and hope they can do some help.
(1) Some customers know their thread standard, so we only need to send them one adapter. In this way, customers can save some costs.